This post was initially made in April 2011. and the article , New Directions, was written in 2010.  Three years later I think I’ll get round to reflecting on how accurate were my predictions!  Watch this space!

April 2014


The world of cultural diplomacy. or cultural relations. is changing.  Once upon a time a country simply showcased its arts and languages around the world.     It was very much a one-way activity.  But times are changing fast.   It is no longer the preserve of a few major western countries: the BRICs are engaged.  And the manner and intent has changed.  A move to mulit-national activity; far more focus on mutual work: being led by what the host country seeks and wants rather than an export business of culture and foreign ministries.  A clearer difference from the more overt public diplomacy.  A move to “people to people” diplomacy.

Here is an essay I wrote last year. It will be published in a book on Spanish cultural diplomacy by the Real Instituto Elcano later this year.

New Directions Steve Green