Migrants have a bad reputation. They should not have.

  Here is a book which shows just how much all our societies gain from migration.   This book by Doug Saunders explores the world of the new arrivals.. on a global basis.  This is where the go-ahead, entreprenuerial talent comes from, developing the diversity of cities and making the space for the future, theirs and ours.

Fred Pearce writes

To those who see urban migrants as totems of soaring world population, he says cities are the places where rural peasants, accustomed to raising large families to work in the fields, learn the virtues of having fewer kids and getting them educated. Arrival cities are actually where the world’s population stops growing.

To those who fear millions more poor migrants arriving in the rich world, he argues that we need them for their skills, youth and energy. As Europe’s indigenous populations shrink and age, what future do we have without Brazilian waiters and Eritrean fruit-pickers, Mexican barbers and Indian academics and Filipino nurses?

To those who want to tear down migrants’ slums, he says we should protect them instead. Few books can make rationalists feel optimistic and empowered for the future. This one does.