Uli Bajo is a deserted village in Navarre in Spain (so Ba-ho and not banjo without the n).  It had a long history as a small village. It is now deserted.  You can read about it, in Spanish, here and see photos.  Cute?

Why did I choose Uli Bajo as the name of the website?  Partly I just loved the name!  But mainly because it demonstrates the passage of time.  A lively community, small yes but thriving and now it has gone. I feel the same way about the lost villages of England.  An amazing number. Dunwich, now lost under the North Sea was once a major port.  Towns and villages come and go; some are lucky and have a continuous history of thousands or at last hundreds of years.  But they may decline. 

The lost and deserted villages of the past remind us that change has always happened; that adapation to change is essential and change again more likely than not.   Change is not happening fast enough; it will happen faster in the future.

So enjoy the News from Uli Bajo; please comment or pass on the link or the story.